More Cash in Your Pocket for Your House

Why Are Our Offers So Much Better?

We Put More Cash in Your Pocket for Your House

Knowledgeable Investor Team

Why waste your time with “Cash Buyers” that offer you absurd offers only for them to make huge profits off of your already unfortunate situation.  We do our homework ahead and let you know what does it take to bring your property on to the market and make a decent offer to put more cash in your pocket.

Your House Analysis

Utilizing our in-house licensed real estate broker, we provide you with detail MLS comparison for sales records surrounding your neighborhood to find the optimal comparison for your house.  Our licensed contractor will make an estimate and provide reports on what does it take to bring it back to the market.

100% FREE Consultation

Our consultation is completely free of charge.  If you decided not to work with our team for any reason, there are no charges to you.  You get to keep the market analysis, repair report completely free.  There are no pressure to sell your house to us.  You are in a distressed situation, we don’t need to add more onto you.  If you decided at a later time to work with us again, just give us a call and we will gladly do so.

Zero Commission + Zero Closing Cost

CRD is a private real estate investment firm, we purchase most of our properties with our in-house brokers that are employed by our firm.  Most of our clients are in the same unfortunate predicament as you are, Therefore we see that it is a better business model for CRD to cover these expenses and put more cash in your pocket for your house.

Walk Away Happy!

We are with you from start to finish, we don’t just give you cash for your house


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