We Buy Your House With Cash

We Are Not Another “We Buy Your House With Cash” Company

We Buy Your Houses for Cash in Orange and Los Angeles County

Central Realty Development is a professional real estate investment firm specializing in Southern California region. Our goal is to help homeowners in difficult financial situations. Best of all we buy your house with cash.

Don’t let the bank be in control of your house. CRD can help you even if your NOS (notice of sale) for your house is today.  Since we are buying your house with our own money, we can buy your house with no equity or when conventional banks have turned you down. We can deal with liens and code violations so you don’t have to.

CRD have the knowledge, legal resources and funds to fix majority real estate difficulties you are in. We can even buy your house with cash and put money in your pocket.

If you live in Southern California and you are in a position to sell your house contact us today.  Typically, if you sell your house by employing a real estate broker, you have to pay a broker’s commission.  While you are able to sell the house by yourself, you would still have to pay a buyer’s agent’s commission.  Lastly, even if you were able to avoid paying any commission on both ends.  You still have to pay for your closing cost which can amount to a large sum.

Since we invest in our own purchased properties with our own cash, we don’t charge you commission or closing cost.  The result would be more money in your pocket.  Furthermore, we are upfront and open with what we are going to do with your house we purchase and let you know options on how to save your home.  So, call us today and let us help you now.